What is the equivalency between Synthroid (thyroxine) and eltroxin?

They are. Essentially the same, but there will be minor differences in potency between the two in any given individual. That's why you don't want to use generics or even change the brand of a brand name product without careful and frequent monitoring.

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My daughter was changed from 100 mcg eltroxin to 88mcg Synthroid (thyroxine) she's on day 3 of the new meds and not feeling well. Can this be a change in brand?

Too short of time. Changing to a slightly lower dose will take time to stabilize thyroid hormone levels. I doubt whether 3 days would be sufficient to change levels that drastically for your child to have symptoms. There is also a strong possibility that she may be having symptoms from something else. It is hard to tell since your child's symptoms were not mentione. Please have her checked out by her physician. Read more...

I find a big difference since I changed from Synthroid (thyroxine) to eltroxin... Big weight gain, tired all the time etc.! dr says they both do the exact same?

Reformulated. Eltroxin has been reformulated and may not have the same potency it did before. You should never change brands of thyroid replacement without getting your levels carefully checked 6 and 12 weeks after changing. Read more...