What does high mpv% of blood work indicate?

Meaning of high MPV. Mpv stands for mean platelet volume. A high mpv is usually indicative of a destructive process to platelets (such as immune thrombocytopenic purpura, inflammatory bowel disease, myeloproliferative diseases, bernard-soulier syndrome, pre-eclampsia...Etc). The bone marrow responses by producing and releasing an increased number of larger, younger platelets to the peripheral circulation.

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My blood work shows high mpv and low ferritin what could This be? Can low ferritin be colon cancer? And high MPV I read can mean risk of stroke

Iron deficiency. Not to worry. At your age, unless it runs in the family, there is extremely low chance this is colon cancer. Likely what your tests say is that you just have a little iron deficiency. This is very common to see in young healthy females as a result of menstrual periods and not enough dietary iron intake. The elevated MPV is likely due to secondary effects of the iron deficiency. Keep your follow up. Read more...