What is the type of stroke caused by hypertension and diabetes?

Ischaemic. Most of the diabetic related strokes are ischaemic due to disease in the arteries & ultimate closure & brain infarction.However with hypertension haemorrhage s can also occur & sometimes an ischaemic infarct can bleed & become haemorrhagic.Often clinical features can distinguish between the two but mri/mra will provide the final diagnosis.
Ischemic. There are 3 major kinds of stroke: ischemic, hemorrhagic, and embolic. Stroke and diabetes tend to cause the ischemic type - meaning hardening of the arteries and clot formation leading to abrupt blockage in an artery with loss of circulation beyond the blockage and death of the brain tissue served by that artery.

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"what is the type of stroke caused by hypertension and diabetes? "

Mainly 2 types. Ischemic strokes (where the blood supply is lessened) are associated with both hypertension and diabetes. Hemmorhagic strokes (where blood leaks out of the vessels) is primarily associated with hypertension. Embolic strokes (where clots travel from the heart to the brain) is mainly associated with abnormal heart rhythms. But, hypertension and diabetes increase your risk of a stroke overall as well. Read more...
Wheel of fortune? There is no "signature stroke" type for either of those 2 conditions. I can you statistics but so what? Any type of stroke is statistically more common with either condition. The point is this: if you think a stroke is occurring, you are dealing with a true medical emergency--"time is brain". Get action fast, worry about statistics later. Read more...