How does the fat in a fat transfer get it's blood supply and stay alive?

Recipient tissue be. The fat grafts will receive their blood supply from the recipient tissue bed. Therefore area with greater vascularity tend to be better recipient sites with greater fat survival. These include the face as well as muscle.With breast fat transfer vascularity may be increased by use of an external expander device called the brava.
Fat transfr survival. Microinjection technique is used because this decreases the diffusion distance, which is how the transplanted fat survives initially. Long term take of the graft results from blood vessel formation, which can be augmented by using stem cells or dr. Khouri's brava units. I prefer the stem cells for consistency, % take, and easier patient compliance.
Fat transfer . Fat initially stays alive by getting nutrients from the surrounding tissues. Within a few days blood vessels from the surrounding area sprout 'blood supply branches' to 'feed' the fat cells. Mesenchymal stem cells residing in the fat tissue stimulate this blood vessel growth. Dr. Ricardo rodriguez baltimore, maryland.
Fat transfer. Dear teela1, fat transfer gets its blood supply from surrounding tissues. We inject it in a way for maximal take and results. It works great and you will look fantastic. Best regards, nima shemirani.
alive with blood. Transferred fat behaves just like an transferred organ. Depending on donor site , recipient site, and so many other factors, 10-90% can be survivied.