Is it possible to give a baby pityriasis rosea?

Unlikely. I have seer pr in toddlers but never in infants. Since it is an immune related process there is likely a point that infants are too young to form the response that generates the rash. It is also hard to track the origin of a persons pr and know when they are contagious. The proposed illness that precedes it is long gone by the time the rash appears.

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How can I prevent pityriasis rosea? Is there anything I can do to prevent my child or myself from contracting pityriasis rosea? .

Live in a buble. Pr is thought to represent an auto-immune skin reaction to a past illness. Usually one that preceded the first big spot by weeks. As it spreads, the pr pattern sets up & becomes recognizable.It generally self corrects within a month or two, but can get you some odd comments if the spots are seen by others. Read more...

Have pityriasis rosea. Am I contagious? Can I give it to kids/pregnant women? Do I have HPV if I got this? Is it connected?

No X 3. Once the rash of pr has emerged the contagious period of whatever caused it has passed. It has no known link to hpv. Some suspect human herpes virus strains 6 and 7 (not herpes)as a potential cause but data to confirm this is limited. It is a self limited condition that will fade without treatment over weeks to months. Read more...