Is it okay to have trace mitral and tricuspid valve regurgitation?

Yes. Trace mitral and tricuspid regurgitation by itself is nothing to worry about. There many people who live normal lives with this. This usually diagnosed with an echo. The echo gives a lot more additional information so make sure you have conversation with your doctor to make sure you you understand.

Related Questions

My echo reads trace of mitral&tricuspid valve regurgitation is that normal? Have had chronic fatigue for months - have scleroderma and gastroparesis

Trivial. These findings on an echocardiogram are common and insignificant and shouldn't cause fatigue or any other symptoms. I assume that the rest of the echocardiogram was normal.

My cardiologist said that I have mild mitral and tricuspid valve regurgitation but they are not harmful. But now I have ectopics when laying down. Why?

These findings are. Most likely unrelated as all of us experience occasional extra heart beats. You should go back to your cardiologist and tell him/her about your new symptoms. A long term monitor and perhaps a short course of drug therapy might be warranted. Discuss this with your health care professional.

2yr has mild to moderate mitral and tricuspid valve regurgitation. And has increased urinate, cough at night & low body temp. Could flow be increasing?

Kidney function. Although this is theoretically possible, I would suggest kidney function studies including blood, urine and reanl ultrasouns. Consult you physician and make an appointment for follow up.