Can exercise cause pleurisy or just shortness of breath?

SOB. Exercise can't cause pleurisy which is due to rubbing of the inflamed (usually infected) outer lining surfaces of the lungs. But vigorous exercise can make intercostal muscles (muscles between your ribs) and costochondral joints (where ribs attach to your sternum (breastbone)) sore which mimics pleurisy as it may hurt to take a deep breath or cough.

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Shortness of breath and anxiety following pleurisy a month ago. How do I get over this?

See your doctor. Medications for shortness of breath can mimic or cause anxiety, shortness of breath itself can cause anxiety and your fear itself plays into the anxiety. Discuss these with your doctor and then see a therapist to see if you can use your thoughts to get it under control (cognitive-behavioral therapy).

I was diagnosed with pneumonia and pleurisy 3 weeks ago. I still have minor pains in my chest & shortness of breath. Is it normal to last this long?

Sometimes. I agree that's a long time. Have you stopped smoking 100% to allow full healing of your lungs and respiratory tract? Has fever resolved? Is your cough improved? If the answer to all 3 questions is "yes" - i'd give it more time. Otherwise, go back to your treating doc for another look. And please don't smoke anymore!

Please help me with answers for my pleurisy and very shortness of breath. Anything starts my breathing to b bad. Wht 2 do. Prednisone did not help.

X -ray, EKG. Do you have fever, cough, chest pain? Any history of asthma, heart disease, allergy, smoking...? Are you on any medication? Inhalers? Pulmonary functions? Please consult a physician. Thank you for asking.