Is fougera hydrocortisone cream USP 1% best for ring worm?

No better to. Try an anti-fungal cream like lotrimin (clotrimazole)..(over the counter)..And if it doesn't improve see your dr. For a prescription cream.

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I've used hydrocortisone cream no change it changes as in clumps up in spots but stays in the form of ring. It's not ringworm. What else could it be?

See the pediatrician. The image is too small to see what you're referring to. Eczema and other skin conditions can sometimes resemble ringworm. Hydrocortisone cream may partially improve the inflammation or redness associated with ringworm, but it won't treat it or make it go away...only an anti-fungal cream will treat ringworm. You should follow up with a pediatrician who can examine your child & advise treatment. Read more...