Can you undergo psychotherapy online?

It's controversial. Some approaches to psychotherapy that are more standardized (some might say "cookbook") can be done by chat or similar text channels, but in my opinion a lot is lost by not meeting in person. Some therapists use skype or other video apps. This is clearly better than text, but i'd still reserve it for situations when in-person psychotherapy is impossible. Many subtleties are lost.
Increasingly common. It's increasingly common. I practice online psychotherapy and my patients do well, but i primarily treat people in remote areas without access to experts, ; other mental health professionals who are too connected with m.H. Professionals in their own communities to have the privacy and confidentiality they need. It is optimal to see someone in person if possible.
Different opinions. My own pov is that skype or ft or other videoconferencing (vc) methods are as effective as face to face--after an in-person relationship has been established. However, if this is not possible, vc therapy is much better than no therapy, and a good vc therapeutic relationship is much better than a poor one in person! so it's a trade off. A caveat: emergency intervention can be difficult online.
Online Therapy. It has been done, ex. Theu skype, but personally i recommend face-to-face contacts.
Yes you can. For some, online counseling can be effective, Check your state laws to see if it is legal in the state you happen to live in. Generally speaking, counseling in person is best. One cannot substitute in-person body language and facial expressions with online interaction.
On line therapy. No. It would be contrary to ethical principles and professional standards. Avoid anyone who says that it is permitted and "works.".
Yes, but depends. There are many studies that support online psychotherapy. The most supported types of online psychotherapy are grounded in cognitive behavioral therapies. Depending on the issue you wish to address, in-person psychotherapy may be better (such as for long term, deep-seated issues). Check on the credentials of the online therapist and make sure they are licensed to practice therapy in your state.