I have hemochromatosis - can I donate blood?

No. Unfortunately, the red cross does not allow this blood to be donated even though there is nothing wrong with the blood. However, certain bacteria thrive on iron and that may be the red cross's rational.
Yes. If you're healthy. Most blood banks will accept your blood donation. In fact, hemochromatosis donors are greatly appreciated. http://www.communitybloodservices.org/db_hhemochromatosis.php.
Yes. There is no recognized universal prohibition on donation, but some blood banks will not accept blood from a person with hemochromatosis.

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Can someone with genetic hemochromatosis donate blood?

Yes. If you're not symptomatic, there's no reason even to tell them, and in fact it's a great way to keep your body iron burden down. In fact, it's how i manage my one-dose hemochromatosis while helping others. Read more...