Why do they want to give boys the HPV vaccine now and what if I don't want my son to have it?

Helps boys & girls. While girls have the risk of cervical cancer from certain strains of hpv, boys are not free of problems from it. Genital warts can be disfiguring, painful, and hard to get rid of. It's unfortunate for a boy to spread hpv to someone he loves. There are hpv-caused premalignant or malignant growths in males. (bowenoid papulosis) both sexes can get hpv-induced anal cancers.
It takes two. Boys & girls both get HPV.It was originally developed to counter cervical cancer, but after good data with initial use the scope broadened to include the males that spread it without knowing. If you want you boy to risk throat cancer or giving this to his spouse, avoid it. There is certainly lots of scary misinformation out there about vaccines. The choice is yours.
See below. From a public health standpoint, the control of genital warts and cervical and penile cancers is much more effective if both sexes are vaccinated. For an individual male, the benefits would include reduced risk of genital warts, penile cancers, and of course transmission to others. It is a very low risk vaccine. It should be discussed with your doctor.