How long does it take for antibiotics to work on a staph infection?

Depends. It depends on the type and the severity of the infection. You need to include more detail in your question. Some staphylococcus aureus infections require 4-6 weeks of intravenous antibiotics. Some simple skin infections can be cured by drainage alone or with a few days of oral antibiotics.

Related Questions

Staph infection on nose around piercing is still growing, how long will it take to see improvement on antibiotics?

Staph nose infection. An infection can sometimes be hard to clear when there is a "foreign body" present. That's because the germs use it to their advantage-- kind of like a fortress to them. Given that this infection is on your face you may want to just remove the jewelry and try later after it is healed. Staph are very dangerous bacteria- I don't play around with them! Sorry.

Husband has staph infection on the back of the leg. It is draining with a smell. Already had a course of antibiotics. How long should it take to heal?

More quickly. Drainage and smell should have improved significantly after completed course of antibiotic. The treating physician needs to be updated if not already. The infection may need to be imaged and possibly treated surgically. A major concern is if the infection is able to spread to bone, which makes treatment significantly more difficult.

My bf has a staph infection he had a 2hr drip of IV atibiotics last night at hosp, 2 anti scripts to take home, how long is he cont? Skin is not open?

Contagious after Rx. Usually, the a general guideline would be that a person is not contagious after 48 hours' worth of antibiotics. With strep throat, a general guideline is 24 hours. But this can vary depending on the disease.
Staph infection. By your description I am presuming your bf had an abscess which is being treated with abx. Usually seven to ten days of antibiotics suffices.
Complicated. Your bf may be colonized with this staph on his skin and in his nose and back of throat. If you are intimate the chances are that you too are colonized. That does not necessarily mean that you will become infected. That requires a complex interaction of sites in which infection can occur, your innate immunity and other factors.

35 weeks pregnant, recommended to take antibiotics because a family member has a staph infection, is it really necessary?

Ask your OB doc. I am not aware of any antibiotic recommendations for staph exposure in a healthy pregnant woman, but your circumstances may be high risk for reasons I am not aware of. My suggestion is to consult with your obstetrician about the reasons why he/she thinks antibiotics are needed.

What is the best anti biotic to take for staph infection? Tried Augmentine before.

No "ONE" best. There are many different types of staph, and they are sensitive and resistant to may different antibiotics. Even from one infection to another, what works can change. Best advice is to culture the drainage from the source of the staph, and have a lab do a "sensitivity" test, which determines not only what antibiotics work, but how big of a dose you may need. It is the only correct answer here!
It depends. Clindamycin has been the favorite antibiotics for staph infections for its effectiveness and easy use. But it has a higher %age of some nasty and serious complication of pseudomembranous colitis. I find Bactrim (sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim) to be quite effective against staff infection if you aren't allergic to sulfa and the germ hasn't developed resistance to the drug.

Is it possible for a staph infection to become resistant to antibiotics?

Yes. Unfortunately almost all bacteria are able to develop resistance to an antibiotic. Particularly when used unnecessarily. Check with your doctor if this is a concern.
Yes. The organism staph aureus is notorious for morphing in to a resistant strain. Currently the two groups of staph that are of concern are h-mrsa and c-mrsa whose origins are hospital acquired and community acquired respectively. Besides the source of infection being different, they also have different antibiotic sensitivity, the hospital acquired type being the most resistant form.

Why are my antibiotics not clearing my staph infection which I have had for 4 weeks now and im on IV antibiotics now?

Several reasons. It could be related to the microbe being resistant to the previous antibiotic therapy you were on. It also could be related to that fact that sometimes oral antibiotics just don't seem to penetrate the affected areas as well as would be necessary to "clear" an infection.
Antibiotic. Resistance, You should have an ID consult, Have cultures and sensitivities been done. Talk to your doctor about this.