What are some ways to remove facial hair in transgender other than shaving?

Several options. Laser hair removal works well, particularly in people with dark hair (not as helpful for blond, gray, white, or red hair!). Electrolysis can be used in anyone, but it takes longer. Both procedures can be tedious and expensive. But, facial hair can be a particularly bothersome source of gender dysphoria. Most people seem to feel it is worth the investment. Good luck.
Laser and creams. Hair removal can be achieved by laser hair removal in which pulsed laser energy makes the hair grow back less thickly. Some like electrolysis, however this method can allow hair to still grow back and then cannot be removed by laser therapy. There are topical creams such as Eflornithine (vaniqa) which can be used to remove unwanted hair. You can look for an afffirming provider at www.Glma.Org.
Laser. Laser therapy can be a good way to remove hair, usually permanently. It takes a couple of sessions though.