Newborn child high fever blood test c-reactive protein high?

Complex. We start treatment on our infants who have fever or the mother has an infection/fever. There are supporting tests (complete blood count and c-reactive protein) that may support but not prove infection. The gold standard is the blood culture that takes 48 hrs to come back (+ or -). Regardless of all that the physician must make a clinical decision about how long to treat the infantbased on these &.

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My hemoglobin was 101, my WBC was 13.5 and my C reactive protein was 111.7. I had a high fever when I was tested.

Low Hemoglobin. WBC and CRP result were likely elevated due to some infection causing fever. However, hemoglobin of 101/L is not normal and you are anemic. This requires investigation to rule out blood loss in the intestine. Please consult your doctor for an evaluation. Read more...

My son is 6 years old. He has been having high fever on and off for an entire month. The lab reports were -ve. C reactive protein is high?

FEVER . Many causes. His pediatrician will be able to answer this after a detailed history, thorough exam, evaluating all the labs, x-rays(if needed). CRP is a non-specific marker of infection. Simple prick can give rise to higher crp. If high fever continues for more than 1 week, no cause found on routine tests, it is called "fever of unknown origin"; repeated exam, further tests done to find cause. Read more...