Had laser peel on my chin and now some scarring how do I fix the terrible mistake I've made?

Depends. How long after the laser peeling, what type of laser used, how deep the scarring/wrinkles were that you had treated? If early, be patient as wound healing will be gradual and usually is better with time. See another dermatologist or laser physician to get second opinion and learn your options.
Depends on the depth. Ofdepth of the scar. Some very superficial scars may fade enough to be no problem. Management with different skin care products and possibly surgery can also help some cases. The doctor that did the procedure should be your best resource.
Patience. This depends on the scarring you are referring to. Some people after laser peels will get something called post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation. This can make the skin in that area appear darker than surrounding area. This may take several weeks to resolve and may be treated with skin lighteners. Redness will often resolve on its own.. Protect the area from the sun with a good sunblock.