Can smoking weed give you emphysema?

Unlikely. Chronic bronchitis has been described in habitual cannabis smokers, but since the volume of smoke daily is usually much smaller than that of cigarette smokers, emphysema is unlikely.
Probably yes. There haven't been the kinds of studies done for marijuana smokers as there have for cigarette smokers. A recent study showed that marijuana was somewhat less likely to cause lung damage than tobacco. Nonetheless, the smoke contains hot particulate debris, tar, carbon monoxide, and, if you roll them, paper ash. If you smoke enough, you can bet there will be lung damage. (have you tried tea?).
We don't know. No long term studies have been done to determine if smoking weed causes emphysema. While there are differences between weed and tobacco, I would not be surprised if the answer is yes.

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Can smoking weed once a week give you lung cancer and/or emphysema?

Perhaps. Currently, there is no link between marijuana and lung cancer or emphysema. There has been no conclusive research linking marijuana to lung cancer or emphysema. However, marijuana has been linked to a multitude of other health problems, and just because there is no research demonstrating a link to lung cancer or emphysema does not mean that a link does not exist. More research must be done.
Probably not. Moderate cannabis smoking has not been associated with developing emphysema or lung cancer. Heavy users can develop chronic bronchitis.
Perhaps. While risk varies for different people, the main risk factor for lung cancer is tobacco use, especially cigarette smoking. Smoking other things, like weed does not appear to have a strong link to increased risk for lung cancer, but is not a good idea, because if you smoke that, you may also smoke cigarettes. See your doctor to be sure.
Data lacking. Since the exact cause of the oncogenic (cancer-causing) effects of tobacco is not entirely clear, and the simple role of a chronic irritant has not been clearly delineated, any opinions are pretty much guess work, and as stated earlier, more data is needed.
YES. Recent studies have found links of lung cancer to smoking marijuana. Marijuana is a risk factor. Its impact is dependent on intensity of exposure and duration. The best information to date is that it is a carcinogen linked to developing lung cancer. Emphysema changes are demonstrated in lung tissue of mj smokers.

Could smoking weed lead to emphysema?

Theoretically poss. Any type of noxious stimuli can cause COPD if used long enough and you have a genetic predisopsition. One inhales deeper and may hold breath longer than usual. So in theory possible. Just like anything avoid the use of chemicals and stay healthy.

Help plz! Can smoking weed lead to emphysema?

Very unlikely. VERY VERY heavy users of very potent marijuana (like ganja smokers in Jamaica who may smoke a half-ounce or more per day!!) can get bronchitis and emphysema, but it's hard to say because most of them also smoke cigarettes. Studies of long-term "social" smokers have not shown any changes in pulmonary function studies. Smoking is not the only cause of emphysema- alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency.
See below. I've read mixed studies. Most of the studies that say no and that marijuana can actually help copd are from pro weed sources. The American Thoracic Society has a different take. It says marijuana can damage the lungs. There's the risk of causing bullae to develop and there's an additive effect with smoking cigarettes. My recommendation is to not inhale anything not needed.

Could about six months of smoking weed cause emphysema?

Not likely. Patients who develop COPD smoked for a long time or they were around people that are very heavy smokers. There are a few genetic disorders that cause people to develop COPD without much smoking, but a few months of marijuana should not cause copd.
When? . Depends what other conditions are present. Were you a life long cigarette smoker? Do you work in a pulmonary hazardous occupation? Emphysema develops chronically in most people. Smoking weed, or anything else, is not healthy and you should consider discontinuing it.