Can old dentures be sharpened?

Thanks for asking! Denture teeth can be replaced. If , however you find it more difficult to chew, it may not be because of the denture teeth. You should have the fit of the denture checked as well.
Old dentures. Old dentures can be adjusted, relined, and teeth slightly sharpened and\or replaced. However, by the time any and all of that is needed, it would probably be better to have a new set made. You probably see those pieces of tire coverings on the side of the road. Do you think the owners really saved money or time? New tires and new dentures when needed. Consult your own dentist for options.
See a Prosthodontist. The denture will not last you forever and need to be replaced every 5 years. However, all dentures are not created equal. If you look for the better fit and sharper teeth denture, see a Prosthodontist, A prosthodontist is a dentist who has specialized in treating and handling dental and facial and dentures problems. .
Replace not sharpen. In almost every situation denture teeth that have been worn down cannot be "sharpened" . Porcelain teeth can be polished but that will not improve chewing. You will need to give up your denture for as much as a week to have the teeth replaced with new more wear resistant teeth. You might want to consider having a new denture made that fits you as you are today and you will have an emerg spare.
Relined/adjusted. The inside of the dentures can often be relined to fit better. Many times this is a temporary fix, due to the long term changes to the mouth. If the teeth are chipped or worn, they can be minimally reshaped. It may be time for a new set.
Depends. Depends on how much wear has occurred. If sufficient tooth remains -- the lighter material above the pink - then it might be possible to recarve the anatomy into the teeth. Usually if you are asking this question, the dentures are older than 5-8 years and ill-fitting and severely worn down. Usually time for new dentures which will fit and function better, and preserve more bone better. Good Luck.
Yes. If your existing dentures are comfortable, but just require a more defined chewing and biting surface, than it is reasonable to assume that a dentist or their dental lab could sharped and redefine the denture's teeth. The old teeth could also be replaced with new ones, but you'd be without your dentures for a fee days! .
New denture . Denture teeth will wear over time and they can become quite flat. Your bone supporting the denture will also change. The teeth cannot be sharpened to make biting and chewing better. The best thing you can do is to see a dentist and have your mouth and denture evaluated and concider a having a new denture. Please discuss implants. 2 can make a huge improvement in retention, eating , comfort.