Why does orthodonttist push getting wisdom teeth out?

WISDOM TEETH. Even if your wisdom teeth aren't causing any pain or other problems, they may cause problems at some point. The most common problems are decay, infection and crowding or damage to other teeth. Teeth next to the wisdom teeth are more prone to developing gum problems. Your orthodontist does not want you to spend all of that money and then have your teeth shift.
Wisdom teeth. Contribute approximately 10% to destabilization of lower front teeth. If impacted can permanently damage adjacent teeth and/or surrounding bone. If partially impacted can cause gum/bone infections. Talk to an Oral Surgeon, and ask your Orthodontist why he/she's recommending extraction for you...everyone's different.
Crowding. The general consensus currently is that wisdom teeth do contribute to anterior crowding, especially in the lower jaw. Your orthodontist is most likely cognizant of this issue.
Infection. For most people, wisdom teeth don't cause any problems so don't need to be removed.If there is not enough space for them to grow at the back of your mouth, they may become impacted and can cause pain, swelling and become infected.

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With smallish jaw, should I get wisdom teeth removed or wait until they push on the molars?

Wisdom teeth. Wait until they give you trouble. You may have a hard time extracting them as you have a small jaw. Read more...
Schedule a consult. You should have a thorough clinical and panoramic x-ray to determine the position and development of your wisdom teeth. Most surgeons prefer to remove an impacted wisdom tooth before the roots are fully developed or causing problems with the adjacent teeth. Read more...