Can I use lidocaine hydrochloride jelly USP 2 for dental pain?

Be careful. Taking too much topical anesthetic by mouth can be not only upsetting to your stomach, but dangerous. It would be best to seek evaluation and treatment rather than repeatedly placing topical meds on it.
Pain Relief. Lidocaine jelly is a topical anesthetic. Tooth pain is usually a deeper inflamatory response. So my advise would be to see a dentist or visit a dental clinic for treatment. I think advil (ibuprofen) would probably give you more pain relief than the jelly.
What is the Goal? Need more information to properly answer the question. Are you saying you want something to help with mild gum pain for a very short period of time? If so, yes.
Gum not dental. Works for gum, not dental. If dental, see dentist for treating cause.

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Can I use lidocaine hydrochloride jelly USP 2% on my son who is 1 1/2? He has like a boil right under his genital are that he is complaining hurts.

See Your Doctor Now. ! 1/2 yr old, "has a boil". Topical Lidocaine is absorbed into the system & is NOT safe for use on a child this age; can cause seizures & more. Boils are caused by bacterial infection, require antibiotics, & specific topical care. Be aware this may not be a boil as virus & allergy lesions can look like a boil. Visual inspection is needed. See your doctor now for correct diagnosis & treatment. Read more...