Why won't insurance cover blood tests to see if you carry the ovarian cancer gene?

Do You Qualify? Many insurances (including medicare) will cover the expense for brca testing, provided that a person has a 10% chance, or greater, of having the mutation. A risk estimate can be calculated by your age, personal history of cancer, and age and type of cancer in first-degree relatives. A risk calculator can be found on the website for the company that performs this blood test, myriad genetics.
Most will. Most insurances will cover testing of the breast and ovarian cancer genes (brca 1 & 2) as long as your risk is high enough to justify the testing. If you have ovarian cancer, or if multiple family members have had breast and/or ovarian cancer, especially at an early age, or if there is ashkenazi jewish heritage, most insurance carriers will cover the test.
Cost. It is not cost effective to screen every person for these genes who do not have a suggestive family history.

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Can doctors do blood tests to see if you carry the ovarian cancer gene?

Yes, we can order. Yes, we can order blood test for brca 1/2. However I think prior to blood test you should have a genetics counselling either by a genetic counsellor or your doctor - so you understand the impact /implication of positive or negative finding of your test. Discuss further with your physician.
Yes-BRCA Test. While the test is easy to perform, the ramifications of the results are not. It is best to meet with a genetic counselor before getting this test to see if you qualify and understand how the results might affect you and your family's medical options. For more information including testing criteria, check the website of the test manufacturer, myriad.
No one gene. A number of genetic anomalies increase the risk of ovarian cancer but there is not a single or even a set of tests, that would be useful in isolation. You may wish to discuss your family history with your doctor to see if a genetic test is warranted.

My wife has very high estrogen level she did have ovarian cancer which was removed she had blood tests the other day and her estrogen level were 2000?

Talk with your doc. As a gynecologic oncologist, I don't usually follow estrogen as a marker for ovarian cancer. There are a few rare exceptions (granulosa cell tumors). Estrogen is also made in fat cells. You and your wife should have a conversation with her doctor about why they are sending estrogen levels at all. Aromatase inhibitors are a group of drugs that prevent estrogen production and can be used to treat.

Why wouldnt I pay a few thousand usd to see if I carry the breast or ovarian cancer gene?

Family history. I have to assume you are talking about brac1 and 2 testing. Without a family history of breast or ovarian cancer your chance of having a mutation would be pretty low. With a family history, most insurance would cover at least part of the cost of the testing. Myriad, the lab which does the testing, would do an analysis for you to determine your out of pocket costs prior to running the test.
Then what. You need to ask yourself, "what will I do with the answer? " if you have the cancer genes, will you have the at risk organs removed? The so called cancer genes affect some organs more but other organs may be affected as well, so where will you draw the line?

What the test for ovarian cancer? Ultrasound or blood test

Several tests done. Pain and bloating can be signs of ovarian cancer, but they can be just from a painful period. Ovarian cancer would be more likely in older women, like 40+ years, and most likely in women 70+ years. Other tests, like pelvic exam, ca-125, and transvaginal ultrasound would be needed. The ultimate way to know is surgery to see if it is in fact, a tumor of something else.

If you have ovarian cancer does it show blood in urine test?

No it does not unles. No it does not show blood in urine, unless there is metastasis in kidney, or tumor pressing on urinary tract structure.