I have had the correct tests for iron overload and I have low iron; should I worry and should I take iron pills?

Iron and Anemia. If you had the tests done, you will know what is the best way to correct your problem. Your doctor will tell you what these tests mean, and will follow you to make sure you are not getting too much iron. Remember, taking iron with vitamin c, and with all vitamins and minerals, take with foot, improves your chances of absorbing the iron to correct your "low iron.".
No worry-f/u with MD. I am not actually clear with your question. Why did you have test for iron overload? Is that because of your hemoglobin is too high? Now, if your iron is low- which one is low? Serum iron or ferritin or other number? If your ferritin is low-especially if it is accompanied by low hb- aka-iron deficiency anemia- you will need some iron and vit c will increase absorption. Go to f/u and d/w your md.