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What is the cause of piles and what are the precautions.?

Hemorrhoids. Piles are the colloquial term for hemorrhoids. Avoid straining while moving your bowels, and keep yourself regular with plenty of fiber and plenty of water.
Normal. Veins to serve as fluid filled cushions designed to last a lifetime as long as you don't abuse them with diarrhea, constipation, excessive straining. Be at peace with your hemorrhoids with proper diet, fluids and bathroom habits.

Hammoriohds (piles) treatment, what to do?

How Severe? The treatment of hemorrhoids depends on their severity. Very mild hemorrhoids often respond to dietary changes to increase fiber and water intake. The most severe can require surgical removal. The moderate ones can be managed with minimally invasive techniques such as rubber band ligation and infra-red coagulation.
Hemorrhoids. It is important not to make hemorrhoids worse. Cleaning off after a bowel movement should be gentle. Pre-moistened towlettes can be used to dab the anus. Don’t wipe/rub. Pat the anus dry after cleaning. Avoid using harsh soaps that contain dyes or aromas. Cotton underwear is helpful as it absorbs moisture well.**sitz bathes can be helpful. Sit in a bathtub with warm water. There needs to be.

Hello I have a piles. What to eat and what not to eat?

Too easy. Your best diet is balanced with plenty of fibre. Eat fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Keep your self well hydrated. Don't linger in the bathroom - when you're done, get up. You can even add a cheap bulk laxative, whatever generic brand your pharmacy carries.

I have piles what should be the diet to be taken for preventing piles?

See below. You may be able to avoid irritating the hemorrhoids. Drink plenty of liquids, eat high fiberr foods like fruits & vegetables, take fiber supplements like metamucil, avoid constipation and straining or sitting too long at the toilet. Suppositories may relieve a little. See a surgeon for possible hemorrhoid banding procedure if persistent problems.
High fiber diet. You need to have at least 30 gm of fiber per day. Also need to drink lots of water. Can also add supplemental fiber (that dissolves in water - 1 tablespoon per day). Without water, fiber can actually make the constipation worse, which will make hemorrhoids worse.

Need help docs! My body is paining after masturbation & I have a problem of piles. What should I do to get fat in my body?

? most people want to get rid of fat yet you want more. You can have mine. Lol! All all you can do is increase your intake by eating it.

Pain in right side tummy caused by piles. What do I do?

Unlikely. Piles (hemorrhoids) do not cause abdominal pain, only peri-rectal:anal pain. U should c ur doctor about this as there are do many other causes.