Information that can be helpful? Spina bifida occulta risk in babies if mom has it

5-10 x greater. Spina bifida occulta is a common condition occurring in 10-20% of normal healthy people with the most frequently seen form is harmless. The "less common" forms of spina bifida occulta affect the spinal cord & have potential health consequences. Risk of recurrence (mother-parent) is 5-10 times greater than the gen. Population. Seek genetic counseling/medical follow up. Consume Folic Acid daily. 4mg.

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Noticed that 3 week old baby has a mild y-shaped bum crack and a very small pink-reddish birth mark out 2 inches above his bum. Dr never mentioned anything. Is this likely spina bifida occulta?

Spina bifida. With an unusual buttock cleaveage and combined with what sounds like a a skin hemangioma it would be worthwhile to have the local MD order an ultrasound as that is an easy noninvasive way to sort out this issue in a baby this age.
Not necessarily. The rose colored birthmark is likely the same as many have at the base of the neck called a stork's bite. I see them occasionally from the gluteal cleft to the top of the head but usually in the mid-line. The Y shaped cleft is a common variation and rarely associated with a tethered cord (anchored) which would become evident much later but not spina bifida.

I'm disabled with spina bifida occulta, I sit down all now my stomach is giving me trouble, is it connected?

Would be helpful.... understand what "stomach trouble" you're experiencing so as to better answer your question. Can you expound on your concerns.