What is the average lifespan after diagnosis with pancreatic cancer?

Less than 6 months. Unfortunately, pancreatic cancer is diagnosed late in most people - when it has already spread within the abdomen or to the liver. The average life span for that is less than 6 months, maybe a little better (but not much) with chemo. If the tumor can be removed surgically, the average life span then is over a year, but a small percent can be cured with a combination of surgery , chemo, radiation.
Pancreatic cancer. This is a loaded question. It will depend on the stage or extent of the cancer. Patients with early disease can be cured with surgery, radiation and chemo. Patients with more advanced disease will live variable amounts of time based on the extent of the cancer, what type of cancer and their overall health..6 months to a year..Talk to your md.
Less than12 months. Pancreatic cancer is one of the more rapidly fatal cancers. The average lifespan after diagnosis is generally less than a year.