What are the beginning symptoms of dying with stage 4 nsclc?

Highly variable. Lung Cancer kills by its ability to spread elsewhere in the body (metastases). NSCLC commonly metastasizes to the brain( 30-40%) and bone (20%). It also spreads to other areas of the lung, skin, adrenal glands and to the liver. Brain involvement can be rapidly lethal but may be asymptomatic. Bone mets are highly symptomatic but less deadly. Lung cancer may progress to death with no symptoms.
Having it . Having lung cancer that is advanced, as in stage 4, gives one a terrible prognosis. Advanced lung cancer is a fatal disease.
Depends. Patients with stage 4 lung cancer have a variety of symptoms, but as the disease progresses they become more tired, lose appetite and become progressively weak and become bedbound. Once a patient becomes bed bound the end is nearing.