Is gatorade okay for patient with renal diet?

Probably No. . Gatorade has added electrolytes which need to be accounted for in renal diets. The potassium and sodium is there a fluid restriction? Depends on how severe the renal disease. If the patient is on dialysis, all of those need to be monitored very closely. Even if not on dialysis, renal dz severe enough to require a "renal diet" probably needs to discuss gatorade w potassium and sodium levels w md.
Depends. Probably has too much potassium, you should check with you doctor regarding how many grams of potassium you are allowed, also depends of how much of it you drink a day. Also has quite a bit of sugar. In general a tell patients to stay away and use g2 instead.
Ok if no potasssium. Gatoraide is ok if you are on a renal diet only if the gatoraide does not have potassium in it.