Can I justify labiaplasty for sexual reasons?

Yes. Limited answer in the space alowed: to some women large labia my cause dyscomfort , may feel shy about others looking at her and or you might not feel right with the appearance . Issues like this can be address without surgery, however, if its causing you problems in your sexual life, labiaplasty might be the answer.
Yes in some instance. Sexual relations is a complex subject not simply defined or constrained by ones physical anatomy although this certainly can play a major role. A full evaluation of the reasons for sexual dysfunction should be considered in the context of undergoing a labiaplasty. In the event that large labia are the cause, a labiaplasty may be an excellent solutuon.
Yes. Yes you can justify labiaplasty for sexual reasons. Large labia minora can cause a functional problem during intercourse, because they can get caught and brought inwards along the vagina, literally causing friction that is extremely painful. So yes, you can justify labiaplasty for sexual reasons. Go see a plastic surgeon who has experience in labiaplasty.
Labiaplasty. Yes, some patients want to find out more information as they do not like the appearance, or functionally there is difficulty. Best to see a board certified surgeon with experience in this area. Together you can make a plan.
Yes. Enlarged labia with excess skin may result in discomfort or pain during intercourse.
Sometimes. About 1/3 of women who come for labiaplasty have sexual issues as at least part of their reasoning.
Only if bothers you. Or partner. Very pendulous labia minora may appear unattractive or a turn off for you or partner, only have something done if pendulous labia are uncomfortable, interfere or painful with intercourse or they really just bother either of you. Surgery is really simple and ridiculously high fees charged by some so called "gyn plastic surgeons" are unjustified. Thus shop around if you decide in favor.
Depends. Cosmetic gynecology like other cosmetic surgery is done because the patient is unhappy with the look, size, or shap of a particular body part. I strongly disagree with dr. Klauber. Procedures such as labia reduction, vaginoplasty, clitoral hood reduction are not simple procedures. I see patients with poor cosmetic outcomes all to often. Repairing these complications are difficult .