How much overweight to qualify for the lap band procedure?

80-100 lbs. Depends more with your insurance carrier than anything. Check with a surgeon who does bands.
Lap band eligibility. The criteria recently changed, lowering the bmi eligibility for lap band. Basically you will qualify if 1)your bmi is more than 40; or more than 30 with obesity related health conditions or 2)you weigh twice your ideal weight or are at least 80 (if women) to 100 pounds (if men) overweight. Use a bmi calculator on the internet to calculate your bmi.
Its based on BMI. Bmi- is the body mass index. Its basically your height divided by your weight. You can find a ton of online calculators for your bmi. If you have a bmi above 30 and you have medical problems like diabetes or high blood pressure then you qualify. If you have a bmi of over 35 and no other medical problems that qualifies also.