Psa test was double from last year, but just above the limit for my age. Is there anything I should do?

Cause for concern. Doubling of the psa without any cause for the increase (for instance infection, prostatitis, recent prostate procedure) should be cause for concern. The trend of the psa is sometimes more important and can provide more information than the absolute number. I would strongly encourage you to discuss this with a urologist.
Here are some ... A PSA elevation of > 0.75 ng/ml in a year without UTI is designated as high PSA velocity, which deserves a pro-attention to proceed with an evaluation to make sure of no UTI and a close follow-up to decide if proceeding prostate US + Bx now or repeating PSA in 6 months after reviewing potential risk factors such family Hx, black population, or exposure to Agent Orange, etc.
Consult a urologist. Rapid increase in psa is one of the indications of prostate cancer. Consult a urologist to see if a prostate biopsy may be warranted.