How to get rid of pimple in armpit?

Supportive care. First no antiperspirants use deodorants only Warm soaks bring blood to the area the pimple should mature and either open and drain or get resorbed. If this is a large lesion hot tender then see a physician It could be a larger infection .

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How to. Get rid of armpit pimple?

See answer. Try warm compresses and if it does not go away in a day or two, then see a dr. For an evaluation to assure it is a pimple/cyst and or something else all together. Best wishes. Read more...

How to get rid of armpit pimples?

You can try warm. compresses several time per day. They are often brought on by shaving, so you may need to stop shaving until they are gone. Make sure you are not using a dull razor, if you are shaving with a nonelectric razor and use plenty of shaving cream when shaving to try to prevent them. If they do not go away or are worsening, please see your doctor. Read more...