Is it normal to have bleeding after a few month after a colon surgery?

No. Melena or hematochezia are not normal. Difference is one is black blood and other is red blood. Depends if blood is when you wipe, before or after bm or during, lots of factors but you should go and see your gastroenterologist.
Not usually. Depending on exactly how the bowel connection was constructed some mild bleeding can be normal for a month or two but rately later than that. If you are continuing to bleed more than 6-8 weeks after colon surgery it should be checked out.

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7 days after colon surgery (75 y old), hemoglobin 8.5 gm/dl (it was 11gm/dl).He has dizziness and delirium (stool is liquid bleed). What is the solution?

Please go to the ER. It sounds as if he is bleeding after his colonoscopy. Please go to the emergency room immediately to have him evaluated. Read more...
Still Post OP period. Speak the doctor(s) surgeon will explain the reason , may need transfusion , what is the cause of delirium ( is a concern ) no one from out side can advise the post operative management , with out examination or with out knowing all the facts. Read more...