What are the early signs of scleroderma?

Raynaud's Syndrome! Raynaud's syndrome is most common, blanching of the last 2/3rds of the digits of the hand with cold, stress, or fear most common. Thickening of the skin of hands (sclerodactaly) is the second most common. Food sticking in the throat is another early sx. However some people can get early pulmonary or renal problems at the same time, or even before these other occur. If you have these, see a rheum.
Skin changes. The first sign is usually patchy areas on the skin that often make a linear pattern. Early on, they are slightly pink and thickened, but can be flat and shiny. As time passes, the skin spots enlarge and often become thick and lavender/purple-colored, sometimes with pale flat centers. Scleroderma can also affect the heart, lung, kidney, joints, digestive tract. Please see your doctor if you're worried.