Botched fiberoptic intubation led to near panic so I am scared of general anesthesia any advice?

Difficult airway. I assume that since a fiber optic intubation was attempted that you had a difficult airway. What about prior intubations? What happened? Obviously avoiding general anesthesia us an option. Assuming that ga is the only choice then you need to speak with the anesthesiologist well in advance so that a plan can be made. There are several nerve blocks that can be done to numb the areas needed.
Why fiberoptic? Why did you need a fiberoptic intubation the first time? If it was for a neck injury, you might not need one the next time. If you have a "difficult airway", though, you might need one again. If you need surgery again, arrange to meet with the anesthesiologist in advance to check you and see if you would need the same thing. He/she can help you with sedation to make it less scary. Good luck!
Talk to your MD. Anytime you have had a bad experience i would encourage you to talk to your anesthesiologist about what happened. There may have been specific reasons why something happened, and together you can choose a plan for future operations.