Acne scars please help suggest inexpensive peel?

Medium depth peel. You need a dedicated and well-respected aesthetician to help you with this. I would not try something over-the-counter to save money. It also depends on how deep and extensive the scars are and if your acne is still active. Make sure you have a good skin regimen and acne is under control before pursuing peels. I would recommend tca or glycolic acid peels but find an experienced aesthetician.
For best results... Go have a consultation with your local facial plastic surgeon. Depending on the severity and depth of your acne scarring you may or may not get the results you need from a peel. I would recommending getting at least a couple of recommendations and then saving up for the full treatment regimen. Trying to save money will likely mean you will wind up with an empty checkbook and persistent scars.
Don't work. Acne scar does not respose to over the counter peel. Treatment will depend on depth and severity of the scar. In my opinion over the counter or so called cheap peel is waste of money.
Mechanical abrasion. Mechanical dermabrasion (not micro-) is most effective means of smoothing skin scarred by acne. Chemicals tend to be less effective due to following the scar contours rather than 'planing' the surface to even out the edges. Cost is about the same, and not typically too expensive. See your physician, who can better advise due to varying types and extent of scarring.

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I have acne scars, a few of them and I get pimples on and off. Was advised tretenoin, and doxy. Have been suggested mandelic peel. M not sure if I shd.

How patient r u? if you can be patient, the scars usually get dramatically better with time. If you are eager to have a small improvement sooner, the peel might help. The doxy orally can help if you still have inflammatory acne. The tretinoin can help reduce scarring & can be irritating, so be careful & don't overuse.
Discuss with dermato. Mandelic peel rejuvenates the skin, makes it smooth it is good exfoliant. Itmay help you. You can discuss with dermatologist.

Hi doctor! How effective is neostrata glycolic acid face wash (18%) for grade 2 acne scars? I underwent 30% salicylic acid peel thrice. Not much use. So if the face wash is effective then Please suggest a regimen too. Thank you

Forget this stuff. Nothing you can do on your own is going to touch the acne scars. I'm sorry your acne wasn't treated as it should have been, but you do have the option of getting seen by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon who may offer laser work, filler, or microsurgery. Best wishes.

Please tell me what type of chemical peel works best for acne scars?

Best or safest. The best would be the deep peels and they should only be performed by a trained physician that would be the phenol peel. It would help acne scars not wipe them out but will have downtime The safer method would be a series of medium peels they have limited downtime and are abet safer these would be the jesner plus tca 35% or even the less potent Vi peel for acne. You will need several.

Could chemical peel help my acne scars?

Possibly. Deep acne scars 'ice pick' type will probably not improve much, but other 'lighter' scars may benefit some. Overall acne scarsae difficult to treat.

Are chemical peel effective for acne scars?

Not really. Acne scars are usually too deep for chemical peels to have much effect. They are better treated with fraxel lasers or dermabrasion. For isolated scars, surgical revision or fillers may be appropriate.
Maybe. A series of chemical peels can be very effective for acne scars it they are not extensive or deep. It is best to consult with an experienced facial plastic surgeon or dermatologist who can discuss best options individualized to you.
Chemical peels. In short, yes. But that all depends on the depth of the scars, and the type/strength of chemical. Very deep scars are sometimes best treated by excising them first, then resurfacing. Extensive scarring may require repeat treatments, but sometimes a co2 laser or dermabrasion (not to be confused with microdermabrasion) is more effective. This depends greatly on the surgeon's skill.

Chemical peeling acne scars, how effective is it?

Not effective. Chemical peels are temporary and thin the skin. You may need laser care to plump up the skin. The co2 fractionated laser is very helpful with acne scars as well as collagen stimulating lasers. Dermal fillers are also helpful with filling in the deeper marks. A chemical peel can also trigger an acne break out.

For my old acne scars, wondering if a chemical peel would help to lessen it or remove it?

Sure. It I a great idea. There are all grades of peels. As far as removal it depends on the type and severity of your scars. Ice pick scars are the hardest to deal with and the least helped by peels.
Depends. Every case is different. In general, lasers and chemical peels are better for superficial acne scars. Deeper scars typically involve other therapies including subcision, cross tca, medical roll cit, dermabrasion and other treatments, including prp.