Can TMJ cause swelling under right side of tongue or is it a salivary gland infection?

No. Tmj problems will not cause a swelling under the tongue. A swelling under the tongue could be several things, from an infected sublingual salivary gland to a salivary gland stone or even a ranula. A ranula is a mucous cyst under the tongue connected with the sublingual salivary gland. Your dentist or physician should be able to help you figure it out. If it persists, you should seek treatment.
No. No. In your age range, see an oral surgeon to make sure nothing serious..
Not TMJ. Tmj disorders do not cause tongue swelling. The swelling may be related to a salivary gland but a number of conditions are associated with tongue swelling.

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Is is possible to have a salivary gland infection but no visable swelling. I have a pus taste in my mouth and sore left cheek.?

Have it checked. You can have a salivary gland infection or probably an infection draining into your lymph nodes you need to see an oral surgeon to find out where the problem is coming from.

How can you tell the difference between facial swelling caused by TMJ and swelling caused by problems with salivary (parotid) glands?

Anatomy. The TMJ capsule is right in front of the ear and the parotid gland is nearby but in a different location. A trip to the dentist would be a good start to help make the distinction and determine what is actually swollen.
Different areas. Get evaluated by your dentist! These areas are fairly close together, and it is difficult to describe this online. But usually, TMJ is from tight/sore muscles when you open or close your mouth and or pain close to your ear.
Facial swelling. Tmj facial swelling is quite rare even with advanced TMJ disease. The joint is deep and beneath the skull base encased in a very dense capsule making expansion onto the face unlikely. The glands and parotid in particular are quite a bit less "encased" and any inflammatory or other cause of swelling is usually more visible. Often overlooked other causes (ie wisdom teeh) require an exam.
Swelling source. Many times TMJ will cause more pain with little selling and glandular things can cause more swelling with less pain, although some will be painful, so if you are experience facial swelling TMJ is probably one of the last considerations as a cause.
Not TMJ. Rare to have swelling from TMJ. More likely other surrounding structures like parotid. See ENT doc for exam.