How can I non surgically remove spider veins?

Sclerotherapy. Cosmetic spider veins, without underlying medical vein disease or after venous insufficiency is treated, can be eliminated with injection sclerotherapy. The new fda medications used for that are Asclera (polidocanol) and sts. They do not hurt like the old saline solutions. Look up a phlebology doctor, vein specialist online. American college of phlebology ( www.Phlebology.Org) or veindirectory.Org.
Absolutely. Most would tell you that sclerotherapy is the best way to treat spider veins on the legs. Spider veins on the face can also be treated with laser and thermocoagulation. As mentioned, sclerotherapy that isn't done with Hypertonic Saline is much less painful than injections done with saline. It is important to make sure that you don't have underlying venous insufficiency, so see a phlebologist.
Laser and Injection. Spider veins never require surgical treatment. They are treated most appropriately using a combination of injection sclerotherapy, where a chemical is placed into the vein to get it to slowly collapse and seal shut over time, as well as superficial laser treatment, which seals the vein shut using thermal energy. However, treatment does typically require multiple sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart.
See a Phlebologist. The best way of dealing with spider veins is to follow this algorithm: treat the deepest source of problems first. A doc board-certified in phlebology can determine if your spider veins are an isolated issue or a manifestation of underlying superficial venous insufficiency. Docs can non-surgically treat the source of reflux first, then use injection sclerotherapy to treat residual spiders.
Sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy (injection of a medicine in the vein) is your best option. The medicine can be Sotradecol, Polidocanol or hypertonic saline. It works pretty well. Laser is good also. Treatments are simple and although it takes awhile to heal, the results are pretty good. Hope that helps.