Whats the best scar removal treatment available?

Be aware that... Scars cannot be removed, they are permanent. They can, however, be improved. Beware of anyone who tells you that he/she can remove or erase your scars. There are many treatments. Do your homework, don't expect miracles, and see a surgeon with knowledge and experience in this area.
Inidividualize. Scar treatments should be individualzed according to specific characteristics of the scar as well as the patients skin type and wound healing tendencies.
None can remove. Keep in mind nothing can remove a scar. The best we can do is make the scar less noticeable. With this in mind there are many options including: massage, moisturizer, sun protection, topical silicone, steroid tape or injections, laser, dermabraision, and surgical revision. The best option depends on the type of scar, location and the age of scar. A plastic surgeon can advise on best treatment.
It is a misnomer. The question should be" what is the best treatment for scar improvement".Once a scar always a scar".Best treatment is prevention.Follow the principles of producing the best scar., eg, direction of incision, method of suturing , splinting during the healing stage and removal of sutures in time etc.The best treatment is massage and pressure.One must give enough time for the scar to mature.When all fail.

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Is there a cheap but safe/effective scar removal treatment available?

No. Scars can be improved in appearance, but not removed, as they are permanent. Read more...
Scar removal. Is a very popular topic with lay people. When you remove a scar it leaves a wound which heals with another scar which is hopefully more appealing than its predecessor. Your best bet is to consult with someone who treats unsightly scars. In the long run it will be cheaper than throwing away thousands of $$ on useless creams and lotions. Read more...