I have a two year old boy im potty training him but he freaks out he doesn't want to take off the diaper?

Too early? Parents are highly motivated to toilet train their children ( less mess, less expense). Unfortunately, toddlers frequently are not ready as soon as the parents would like. Boys in particular are later to be ready for this training. I do not think that your son is ready for toilet training developmentally, and would recommend waiting until he is older.
A toddler who walks. from room to room, pulls his/her pants & pull-up or underpants up & down & says " pee-pee", "poo-poo" or "potty" to indicate he senses the urge to "go" is ready for daytime toilet training. If not, you may create a behavior problem . There's no harm in putting a potty chair in the bathroom for the child to sit on while you model using the toilet, but don't force the child to sit on it.
Potty training. Potty training , to be effective , should be a happy experience with no stress and when the child understands the meaning of it and has control over his sphincters, otherwise the child will hold urine and starts to have infection. It is advisable around 2 1/2 year of age. Go to the bathroom with the child and show the behavior so the child might be then willing to take off the diaper.