I'm 36, male, 130 lbs, 5' 5" in height. My creatinine is 109.63 umol/l. In my urinalysis, protein is negative. The pH is 6.5. How are my kidneys?

Cratinine of 109.63. Your creatinine of 109.63 translates to a creatinine of 1.24 mg/dl. This is normal for your age. To find out what your kidney function is accurately, you need to have a 24 hour urine collection for creatinine clearance and protein. Even though your urine analysis is negative, a 24 hour urine collection will be more accurate to see if you have proteinuria. Good luck.
They're fine. Your creatinine is normal; if somebody troubles you about it being high-end or has done one of those subscientific "estimated gfr's", ignore it, especially if you're a fitness buff. Urine ph means basically nothing; it screens for bad specimens. You're the same height and just a bit more trim than scott caan (photo). Hope you enjoy fitness as he does. Best wishes.