Which type of pain management is there for painful scoliosis?

It depends. It depends if you are an adult or a teen. Opioids and muscle relaxers are options. Nerve blocks may help. Physical therapy and a back brace may help. See a spine/scoliosis specialist first.
Scoliosis treatment. It depends on the severity of your scoliosis. It can range from exercise, physical therapy, massage to medication, injection ANS even surgery. A comprehensive evaluation would help to determine what treatment would benefit you.
Different types. If scoliosis is severe enough, surgery may be indicated because it can impair breathing if it progresses too far. For milder scoliosis, different techniques such as NSAID meds, exercise, physical therapy, and massage may help. You may want your doctor to refer you to a pain specialist to see if epidural steroid injections might help in your case. Try to avoid narcotics as they are habit-forming.