Will avascular necrosis stop now that I stopped steroids?

Yes and no. Avclascular necrosis , ischemic bone necrosis, (avn) is a disease where there is cellular death (necrosis) of bone components due to interruption of the blood supply. When you have injection or used steroid rarely you will have side effect to the cortisone used what we call avn of the bone sometimes happen after few month to year from using the medications or injection. Thank you.
Not necessarily. It is unfortunate, but avascular necrosis (avn), as a complication of corticosteriod use, can start long after the corticosteroid use has stopped. If you are saying that you already have avn, then it's unclear how the severity of the avn is affected by continued use versus cessation of the medication. Simply put, in that case the horse is already out of the barn.