Can a leaky mitral valve be repaired or best to have it replaced?

90% should be repair. On average 90% of patients with mitral regurgitation diseased valves should be amenable to surgical repair. This can usually be done with minimally invasive surgical techniques.
Depends. Repair is always preferable to replacement but not all valves can be repaired. In general, leakage (regurgitation) due to mitral valve prolapse is usually amenable to repair. An echocardiogram is the best way to determine prior to surgery if the valve can be repaired.

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Is mitral regurgitation and mitral valve prolapse the same?

No. Mitral vlve prolapse can lead to mitral regurgitation of significance in rare cases, diseases of the left heart can produce mitral regurgitation of varying degres.
No. Mitral valve prolapse refers to the mitral valve leaflets being stretched out and bulging (or prolapsing) into the left atrium. .. Mitral regurgitation is leaking of blood from the left ventricule backwards into the left atrium through a leaky mitral valve. ..
ONE CAUSES THE OTHER. When a leaflet prolapses it causes varying degrees of regurgitation.

How common are my cardio findings? All were said to be "small". Leaky mitral valve, PFO with minimal shunting and ASA. Dr says no need to treat at all

Not uncommon. Many people have a small amount of Mitral leak. PFO are reasonably common, and mild shunting (Lft --> RT) is common when one is found. Danger is PFO can itself cause COPD (lung disease, also caused by Asthma & esp smoking). Is ASA aspirin? . Baby Aspirin tends to prevent COPD which occurs rarely w PFO. COPD then causes RT -> LFT shunting which can lead to systemic emboli (clots). So don`t smoke!
Mgt. Mitral valve problems are relatively common. If there is minimal shunting, and if you feel well, your Cardiologist and PCP can follow these findings periodically. For procedures, eg dental, antibiotics may be indicated.
Asa. An atrial septal aneurysm may put one at increased risk for stroke. Small "probe patent" pfo is very common. Up to 30% of pts at autopsy have it. However and pfo with associated ASA may need prophylactic antiplatelet therapy. Agree with my colleages in seeking a neurologist or cardiologist for further advice. Especially someone who can actually look at the echo.

Could unknowingly having ureaplasma Urelyticum damage heart? I have pfo with Asa and leaky mitral valve. Could the infection have caused these? Scared

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Can mitral regurgitation start at anytime if mitral valve prolapse?

Yes. As we age and the heart changes, mitral prolapse may progress and lead to regurgitation. Mild regurgitation is harmless and nearly ubiquitous in the general population, even without mvp. Serious mvp which is relatively rare can be associated with sudden rupture of a chordal attachment and result in sudden, severe regurgitation which can happen anytime, is serious, and needs treatment.
Yes. When the mitral valve prolapse starts leaking blood back from the left ventricle to the left atrium.

Is there a difference between mitral valve prolapse and mitral regurgitation?

Yes. One can have either without the other. Prolapsed mitral valve leaflets could leak. Leaking mitral valves could be prolapse. However, one can have prolapse and no regurgitation or regurgitation and no prolapse.
Yes. Mitral valve prop lapse is a description of how the valves close. If one or both of the leaflets bow up into the left atrium that is prolapse. Not all prolapsing valves leak. Mitral regurge is when the blood leaks backwards into the left atrium. Some people with prolapse have leaking valves. But also not all leaking valves have prolapse. So they can be related but are not the same thing.

Do you think I can go to gym if I have a mild mitral valve prolapse with trivial mitral regurgitation?

Yes go to gym. Contact your Internist and Cardiologist and ask them if you are medically clear to engage in gym activities. Mild and trivial heart murmurs are common. Unless your doctors specifically told you not to exercise there is no barrier to exercise in my opinion. In fact there are multiple studies suggesting exercise is beneficial. Start by going to the American Heart Association for recommendations!
Absolutely! The most important thing for you be far, right now, is not to think of yourself as a cardiac cripple, or as disadvantaged in any way. Staying in good cardiovascular shape may even prevent you from having annoying rhythm problems that can attend mitral valve prolapse. By all means, give it your best and enjoy the rewards -- one of the finest gifts you can gift yourself.

severe LAE, left atrium is severely dilated, mitral valve leaflets appear mildly thickened. Mitral regurgitation (1-2+), what does this mean?

Question? Consult! These little boxes are not good for answering specific patient case problems. Consider a cardiology consultation here on HealthTap. The kind of consult where you ask for help within the next 24 hours works particularly well for a complex case because it enables emailing back and forth with the details.