What is the difference between moles and lentigos? Does having a large number of lentigos signify a greater likelihood of getting melanoma?

Skin lesions. Both typically benign but need to have regular skin checks of whole body by dermatologist.
Careful eye. Moles and mention are by definition separate. Most people are born with moles while lentigo lesions are sunspots. Keep a careful eye on moles by making sure the abcde of melanoma are watches for(asymmetric , irregular border, color , diameter, evolution/change) there is a form of melanoma that gas "lentigo" in its name.Have moles and questionable lesions checked by a doctor and biopsied if needed.
Moles. Typically are elevated. Irregularity in color, boarder edges, or texture can be of concern. Some people have dysplastic moles, seen on biopsy. This and family history as well as history of severe sun burns increase family risk of melanoma.