Is it hereditary?

Is what hereditary? Need to know what you are referring to!
Explain please. Could you rephrase your question? What are you specifically asking about and we can hopefully let you know if it is hereditary or not.

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My aunt (from dad side)'s daughter&my little brother both have had history with seizures. Is it hereditary? Are my future children at risk for epilepsy?

Consult neurologist. There are many reasons for seizures to manifest in children. Some of them may be hereditary. There are different type of seizures, some hereditary others are not. These two children may or may not be getting same type. Consult neurologist about these children, he can examine and explain about the risk of epilepsy in your children.

I've had unexplained worsening pain/aches in legs since a child. More so at rest. My father has same issue. Never knew cause. Is there hereditary causes?

Sure, & some people. Never know they have them, unless they develop progressive weakness, fatigue or other symptoms. There are charcot-marie-tooth disorders that affect peripheral nerves & other disorders that impact the muscle's ability to sustain function or utilize energy. It's certainly worth asking your doctor for referral to a geneticist at a major medical center near you.

Likewise my mom, I hv severe eczema in genital area for years;always itchy when sweating, skin in this area are darkened. Is it hereditary? Medicine?

Eczema. Eczema is a multifactorial disease. Many genetic abnormalities might play a role in its pathology either hereditary or new mutation. One of those that has been identified to be associated with severe eczema is a mutation in a skin protein called filagrin, which helps maintaining the skin integrity. Regardless, moisturizer ; antiinflammatory meds are main treatment. See an allergist ordermatologist.