I slept on my arms as a kid, in my teens, I still do it now I feel tingles when I wake up I'm 6'1" with a 12 in forearm length could that stunt growth?

Unlikely. It is unlikely that you have had any stunting of your growth from sleeping on your arms a lot as a child. While pressure and insult on a growth plate can disrupt its functioning, remember that we only sleep for 6-8hours on average per day. Out of that time, I am sure you were moving/shifting around in bed and not completely always on your arms.
No . It doesn't stunt growth. When you sleep on your arms, you compress the nerves by your weight and get paresthesias (tingling). As long as you're not drunk, you'll move in your sleep and this avoids any lasting damage. Your symptoms are normal and most people (myself included) experience them.