I want to know how much on average a labiaplasty costs?

Labiaplasty cost. The price for Labiaplasty really depends on whether you use Anastasia and what are you doing is it a hospital or office space procedure suite. I would expect the average cost to be somewhere between $3000 - $5000.
2.5K to 5K. The cost really depends on what the patient needs done -- if it's simple and straight forward it is less -- if it is more involved then it is more - - but i recommend that make an appointment to see a plastic surgeon and you will get a better idea. Dr. Arthur marquis plastic surgery www.Arthurmd.Com.
2,000-5,000. Depending on the procedures necessary it can range from $2, 000-$4, 000.
Labiaplasty cost. Depends upon who would be doing it and under what circumstances. A simple local office case by a qualified doctor would probably cost around $2800. The more common operating room version under anesthesia would probably run around $5000 on average. http://www.cosmeticsurgerytruth.com/blog/?p=1909.
2.5-6,000. There are many factors that will effect the price of labiaplasty but this will run from 2.5-6, 000. This may be influenced by extent of condition as well as clitoral hood issues and/or perineoplasty or vaginoplasty as well as facility and anesthesia.
Labiaplasty. The cost of labiaplasty can vary depending upon the extent of the surgery. As an example, labiaplasty minora usually cost from $3000 to $6000.