Any simple methods to achieve happiness?

Quest 4 Meaning. I wonder about redirecting ur question & asking urself what would make ur life more meaningful? What would such experiences look like? What would make u feel more connected 2 ohers? U may not know the answers but grappling w/the questions might help u create blueprint 4 greater contentment & fulfillment. Check out article http://bit. Ly/10qk7kl re: viktor frankl's notion of meaning as healing.
Avoid unhappiness. No simple method. Try to think upon those things that seem to make you unhappy and then one by one work to change your life to avoid them. Meditate. Simplify your life. Read uplifting books.
Focus In the Moment. Try to gently, repeatedly focus your attention in the present moment, as that is where simple pleasures, simple sensory experiences and opportunities to connect with others and with nature exist! To facilitate, every time u sit, exhale 5 long, slow breaths (blowing out many candles) and tune into your inner experiences since you last did your 5 exhales that day! Be present slow down. Simple is real.
Gratitude practice. Whenever you are feeling unhappy, spend five minutes repeating the following sentence with different endings: "thank you for...." "thank you for...." "thank you for...." just do this over and over. Your perspective will change. Ben zoma says: who is rich? The one who is appreciates what he has… (talmud—avot 4:1).
Keep this in mind... "Don't put off for tomorrow what you can do today, because if you enjoy it today you can do it again tomorrow." James A. Michener.
Requires effort. Happiness is similar to keeping in great physical condition, both require a daily effort. Rather than dwelling on the negative, choose a great moment, color, or event that brings a smile to your face and calmness to your mind. Learn to contemplate the good in life. Say good morning to strangers, smile more at work. Use meditation to control your mind and body.