What do liposuction clinics do with the fat they remove?

Fat fate: fight club. Although the movie fight club may make many ponder the fate of fat after lipo, because it is a biologic product, it is discarded as medical waste by special services.
Liposuction. They should dispose of the fat removed unless they have permission to transfer the material elsewhere.
Usually, it's passed on to companies that specialize. Companies that specialize in medical waste disposal who then binson rated or destroyed by some other. Eventually, or if it will be used for harvesting of stem cells.
Toxic Waste. Clinics and hospitals place the fat in sealed, toxic waste disposal containers and have them incinterated by a licensed waste disposal company meeting all standards and regulations for any such biological wastes.
Fat from liposuction. The fat removed from liposuction is usually discarded as biologic waste. On occasion, the fat is used as a graft for other areas of the body requiring augmentation (enlargement). Recently, new studies have used liposuction fat to harvest stem cells. However, the vast majority of fat is discarded.