I had hair dye go in my eye, I rinsed well, it is a little red in the tear duct corner, and a little sore. No vision problems. Will my eye be ok?

Hair dye in eye. Always read label but rinsing is the right thing to do if redness persists go to yup md i doubt any problems with vision will occur late.
Likely, yes. Your eye will most likely be okay if you are not having vision problems. However, hair dyes can contain alkaline chemicals and cause serious problems to the eye. Small particulate matter can still remain in the eye even after an eye wash. You should consult an ophthalmologist who can thoroughly examine your eye and check under the lids. You should bring the box of dye to review the ingredients.
Wash eye tears. . Hair dye contains paraphenylenediamine and peroxide that can irritate the lubricating skin on the outside part of your eye called the conjunctiva. Rinse well and use lubricating tear drops and an antihistamine drop such as zaditor (ketotifen) if its itchy. If it gets worse, go to the er. If not better by tomorrow go to your eye md.