I have ptsd and non epileptic seizures. Could this explain my urinary incontinence?

Yes, if... Yes, if your incontinence occurs during seizure episodes. Otherwise, there are other causes of urinary incontinence and you should seek an evaluation by your gyn or urologist.

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Sore head, tongue, muscles aching, no incontinence, history of epilepsy, could I have had nocturnal seizure, take tegretol 800mg daily?

Yes. You should have your tegretol level checked and see your neurologist. It is definitely possible to have nocturnal seizures.

Normal to be incontinent during syncope? Donated blood, fainted, & had urinary incontinence. Embarrassed. Thought it coincided w seizures not syncope

It does as reported. Your well-reported scenario is possible, but it is useful to undergo a preliminary evaluation so to assess if you may have underlying neurological disorders and some cautious watch can be taken. How to get the good-care-related things done correctly? Go to http://formefirst. Com/eNewsletter06.html. Best wish to health...
That's fine. It happens. I would be proud of donating blood, much more ashamed if I could donate blood and didn't. Keep donating and thank you.

Can Status epilepticus be pseudo from PTSD? X19hr total loss aware No+EEG during prob to med given for seize Rpd slwng brain wvs 1rst epilepsy event

What was happening. During the status. Were you having tonic clonic movements or were you in a post ictal or other form of unconsciousness? Seizures can result from a number of medical illnesses. Temporal lobe seizures can be hard to find on an EEG but during a seizure there should be something. I am suspicious that something else may have been happening and would welcome further information. Exam and labs.

Could a person with epilepsy experience both absence and convulsive seizures?

Complex partial sz. I think you may be referring to complex partial seizures and those that secondarily generalize. It is very common to have seizures that start in one area of the brain with loss of awareness followed by spreading to involve the whole brain. It is called complex partial epilepsy with secondary generalization. Hope that helps answer your question.

Could by epilepsy seizures cause a person to get learning difficulties?

They are related. Many epilepsies, even ones that we outgrow, can have associated issues like adhd, dyslexia, sleep problems, and mood issues like depression or anxiety. Often a psychologist or neuropsychologist can help to identify these and offer help.

Recently have developed a pretty severe eye twitch. This is always accompanied by a debilitating headache. Could be seizure? History of pos epilepsy.

I'm not sure if you. Mean you have a "possible" history of seizure or a "positive" (confirmed) history of seizure. That may change the interpretation of your symptoms. On the face of it, however, this sounds more like a migraine headache with "aura." However, any recent onset of severe headache should be checked out by a doctor. I wish you the best. Dr. Anne.

Please tell me, could a person with epilepsy experience both absence and convulsive seizures?

Actually, yes. In fact, some people can have absence, tonic-clonic, and myoclonic seizures (most commonly seen in syndrome called jme).